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Monday, March 22, 2021

crimes against humanity


Started back in October... 

Over the next 6 months, most of you will be learning what the hell has been going on, whether you wanted to know or not. May as well start acclimating to the idea that because we have a POTUS who was willing to purge this kind of crap from the world, the rest of us will be benefiting. Very strong hints are racing around the 'rumor mills' that we'll have new tech that will blow our minds.

Some underground Lexx fans have been discussing world politics for years. I have been very careful not to mix Lexx and politics in public forums, groups, and my blogs. I don't believe in using Lexx to 'take sides'. I've stated categorically in other places that I don't believe in sides. Sides are a control mechanism to keep us distracted. However, as many are starting to notice, there is quite a lot about fictional TV shows that seem to be 'soft reveals', whether they are intended to be by original writers or not. Add that content can be strictly overseen and overwritten by programming offices before being signed off on for publishing, marketing, and scheduling, and it starts to look a little controlled when you step back a bit for the wide angle.

According to the show Lexx, the Little Blue Planet is located in the Dark Zone, far away from the Cluster in the Light Universe. According to Stanley Tweedle, the Dark Zone is full of depravity and evilness and darkness. According to the Cluster propaganda, “Only a thin dimensional barrier separates us from the festering evil, malignant depravity, and alien chaos of the Dark Zone. The Dark Zone is not separate like two different planets. The Dark Zone coexists in the same space as our universe, in the same place at the same time. The Dark Zone has no rules, no sense, no order. We give thanks to His Divine Shadow for his ceaseless vigilance, protecting our universe of Light and Order from the horrors and disorder of the Dark Zone. We worship His Shadow. Long may he reign.” 

Despite earth being such a great distance from the Cluster, His Shadow still had the stellar cartography and means to grip it in his extended reach, as we see in season 4. The most obvious clue is the fact that Vlad has been in cryostasis on earth off and on for centuries. His Shadow suspected that sooner or later the last of the Brunnen-G might reach earth and laid a trap for him.

This is all fine for a TV show, a cute wrap on our legendary vampire history and so on. The Lexx crew reaching earth, as vaudeville as the season rolls out, has a prophetic quality to it that in some ways makes a bit of sense, in part because earth is already so rife with real life coverups and complicities that most world citizens would hardly be able to believe could be real.

Lexx, as political nonstatements go, has covered everything from mass genocide to sanctioned sex slavery, and especially judicial perversions dedicated to the mechanistic workings of an ordered society. Everything inside Order is strictly monitored and controlled. Everything outside Order is deemed evil chaos.

Part of the Order mechanism in Lexx is that populations are set up to partially self-order. They color inside the lines, as it were, in order to advance or simply even just survive. Once parameters are set, the inner populations are willing to give up their children and rat out their neighbors in service to Order.

I have called Order "Orwell on steroids". The control has grown massive enough to enfold 20,000 planets across the Light Universe. Nation-states are gone, autonomous planetary governments are gone, there is no United Federation of Planets within Order. There is no Galactic Council.

Back to today... 

Ok, I feel like enough time has gone by, it's time to get real.

I don't think Lexx was necessarily intentionally prophetic, more like an unintentional (perhaps) conduit or mechanism for raising awareness of things already going on around us. I have been research digging for many years, way back past all that qanon stuff, which started in 2017. I have things in blogs going back to 2014 and even 2007 that Q followers expound on nowadays. Two people have asked me privately if I am Q, and I'm not sure if they meant really Q or just part of the Q team, and my answer is that we are all Q when we wake up. However, there is a very real Q team that was assembled some years ago and has been lately working on public information dissemination since mainstream media 'journalism' no longer shares truth but covers it over with narrative. (I am not those Q.) We have been locked into a global narrative for awhile now, with truthers being canceled right and left for sharing legit sourced information. I myself have been 'canceled' multiple times, although not very harshly since I've been prone to lay low. I've lost my named twitter account (JanikaBanks), was blacklisted out of my premium named wordpress dotcom for several months, have received multiple warns on facebook, and now youtube is letting me know a couple more strikes and my entire channel is gone. All this started over me sharing ancient George Magazine material with the hashtag #JFKJr. I can't even imagine how that earns me being canceled and blacklisted unless there is truth to the wild rumors that JFK Jr faked his death and he's really still alive and fighting the deep state cabal holding us all in debt hostage.

All these things are sourced on my personal blogs over time, with many links to many other research digs.

So back to Lexx.

The very first thing I noticed and got very nervous about was bringing up the government sanctioned sex slave programming that Zev/Xev had to deal with, complete with apparently a bioquantum computerized lusticon operated by a cyborg, basically a human repurposed into slavery with a replaced robot head (that one sentence is a very big mouthful of statement about government sanctioned slavery of all kinds), and suddenly being viral swarmed by a country that literally has (alledgedly 🙄 I'm not actually accusing, just stating what I've found) {{shadow government}} sanctioned sex slavery. At one point I was able, through my trifecta of stat analytics, discover that one of my feeds had been pulled into a live operation of sex dolls possibly being internet fed through an underground near Eastern govt office or building, although it was in a different country than the one I'm talking about right now, and was somehow being used in a coding network. I got screenshots on an older laptop which is out of commission now and blocked what I could, but I can tell you that one freaked me out. What made it even weirder was that this other country that I'd never heard of and didn't even know existed that was hit swarming my Lexxperience blog is so close to the Brunnen-G race name that I about fell over. Coincidence? Who knows? All I know is that 4.6K hits from the little luxury country of Brunei took a very big interest in my Zev vs Xev post. Again, not accusing, no intentional slander since I can't pinpoint actual visitors to real time IPs (any more), just saying this is a freaky weird thing that happened that led me down a very freaky rabbit hole to much more. My biggest unanswered question ever about Lexx is whether the country of Brunei was surprised to find out the Brunnen-G helped a sex slave escape Order. Can you even imagine what that must have been like discovering a TV show with a worldwide audience and viewership accidentally stumbled on a name very close to their own with a very motivating song about fighting for freedom? 👀 I can imagine they might have found that a little disturbing.

Because that happened, I was inspired to go on even deeper research digs and found out a lot more stuff.

(Shadow) Government sanctioned sex slavery has been a worldwide underground thing for many years. This includes millions of children from babies to teens. Because of this, it's been very hard to pin down laws actually protecting children and their families from kidnapping, marketing, and being pimped out through a variety of outlets, including retail furniture and other sales (documented) clear on up to massive foster care system abuses, trafficking, and millions of disappearances that go 'unnoticed'. The illegal fetal tissue and fetus organ marketing scams through abortion center networking is also being documented. The sad fact is becoming clear that there is more money in humans as products than there is in drugs and guns. Worldwide. For those of you who instantly want 'sauce' (source documentation), I've already sourced all this in my blogs and social media accounts over the last at least 3 years, and if you've known who I am all this time and ignored that, it's not on me to keep doing the hard work for you guys. I didn't believe it all at first, either. I spent several years digging for sources of hard evidence because the 'conspiracies' are far too consistent and too well sourced to not have something to them. All I can succinctly repeat at this point is that there's a reason our entire planet has been locked down into 120 year old science, and that's to keep us stupid, in debt, and controlled.

I've been very careful to sit on this as far as Lexx is concerned. I'm not fond of mixing entertainment with real life, but when entertainment about really bad and sad stuff is actually sold as entertainment, one has to start wondering what the purpose could possibly be for marketing these ideas. I've discussed elsewhere that entertainment programming is an "experience addiction", a soft sell for reality that we've been programmed to keep our eyes closed to, soft disclosure, if you will. If  your brain is full of years of scifi and you keep wondering when we're going to reach the future, it's not by sitting and staring at the TV. Until you are willing to do some personal work on finding what you want to learn, you are an institutionally created vegetable virtue signaling that you are a good citizen sheep who colors inside the lines doing what you are told.

Kai would not be impressed. (Brunnen-G fight song on youtube.)
Fight song info, lyrics at Lexx Wiki.

I may have more later, we'll see how this goes.

Disclaimer- I'm not using Lexx to take any political sides. There are no 'sides'. There is only Order vs natural freedom.

:edit: When an alert reader actually digs up where I started saying all this two years ago on another blog... Janika ( 

I have been truly amazed at some of the tracking I've seen readers doing through all my scattered stuff since this whole covid crap started, but it has really ramped up since the November election. You guys need to know I'm seeing this from all over the world, and you're not alone by a long shot.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

when weird is too weird

Lexx was a creepy show. It was so creepy that no one wanted to schedule it for air time or pick it up for merchandising. Oh, they can blame it on poor marketing blahblahblah, but for awhile, Lexx all but disappeared like it hadn't even existed or something. Except it kept showing up around the internet everywhere, someone mentioning it or someone else making some artwork. For a show that literally went out of print, got mangled in the reprint, and then failed to stylishly retro market, there is actually so much underground Lexx out there that I'm still running into old fan stuff I've never seen before. Adding to that how difficult Google has made it to find anything (instead of being an actual library system, you can be 'ranked well' for a price), Lexx looks pretty dead to most people doing a casual flyby on a single search engine.

Lexx was immediately about the bloodiest most horrific piece of spaceship scifi I'd ever seen that I couldn't believe it was shrugged off as a 'sex in space' show. Humanity was under an Orwellian thumb that makes our own Orwell look like a nerdy comic book reader, and so squashed for so long that they didn't even know what consumerism was, much less live to tell about debating the rights and wrongs of Order. Lexx was so immediately off the hook that it was like philosophical brain candy to me, and apparently to thousands more around the globe.

Imagine an entertainment series about watching all of humanity losing.

Imagine someone being daring enough to do that.

Do you know how many hero stories we have? Thousands. All over our planet, there are thousands of heroes across the genres on every continent in every conceivable plot device, and not one of them is about the entire human race losing.

That took balls.

And that woke a few of us up. We poked our heads up and looked around at the real stuff going on around us and realized we're being distracted, we're all losing.

That's not what is supposed to happen in the entertainment INDUSTRY. They are being paid to distract us. Even if we get truth, we are supposed to stay pointed at our screens, any screens. Reacting, engaging, debating, but not thinking.

I've been Lexxing a long time, as have a few other hardcore fans, and one thing I think we'd all agree on is there never has been and never will be another show like Lexx. It is so unique that no one who has watched the entire series can believe nothing else ever came of it.

Can you imagine millions of fans building their own steampunk lusticons or debating on reddit whether the Insect Lives Matter? Sometimes I try to imagine Prince doing political ads or cosplayers walking around like priests with robot heads (imagine all the points we could make doing stuff like that!), and culty groups sprouting up with their own Fire or Water creeds. I mean, Cthulhu was originally fiction, right? What if His Shadow was as culty hot as Cthulhu?

I don't think it was an accident this opportunity was missed. I think it got buried in contracting. Sometimes someone goes a little rogue and colors out of the acceptable brainwashing lines during storytelling and winds up exposing too much to think about.

I might have a lot more to say about this.