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Thanx to Andrey Lake Gladilin for permission to use this Lexx graphic


Wednesday, October 16, 2019

when weird is too weird

Lexx was a creepy show. It was so creepy that no one wanted to schedule it for air time or pick it up for merchandising. Oh, they can blame it on poor marketing blahblahblah, but for awhile, Lexx all but disappeared like it hadn't even existed or something. Except it kept showing up around the internet everywhere, someone mentioning it or someone else making some artwork. For a show that literally went out of print, got mangled in the reprint, and then failed to stylishly retro market, there is actually so much underground Lexx out there that I'm still running into old fan stuff I've never seen before. Adding to that how difficult Google has made it to find anything (instead of being an actual library system, you can be 'ranked well' for a price), Lexx looks pretty dead to most people doing a casual flyby on a single search engine.

Lexx was immediately about the bloodiest most horrific piece of spaceship scifi I'd ever seen that I couldn't believe it was shrugged off as a 'sex in space' show. Humanity was under an Orwellian thumb that makes our own Orwell look like a nerdy comic book reader, and so squashed for so long that they didn't even know what consumerism was, much less live to tell about debating the rights and wrongs of Order. Lexx was so immediately off the hook that it was like philosophical brain candy to me, and apparently to thousands more around the globe.

Imagine an entertainment series about watching all of humanity losing.

Imagine someone being daring enough to do that.

Do you know how many hero stories we have? Thousands. All over our planet, there are thousands of heroes across the genres on every continent in every conceivable plot device, and not one of them is about the entire human race losing.

That took balls.

And that woke a few of us up. We poked our heads up and looked around at the real stuff going on around us and realized we're being distracted, we're all losing.

That's not what is supposed to happen in the entertainment INDUSTRY. They are being paid to distract us. Even if we get truth, we are supposed to stay pointed at our screens, any screens. Reacting, engaging, debating, but not thinking.

I've been Lexxing a long time, as have a few other hardcore fans, and one thing I think we'd all agree on is there never has been and never will be another show like Lexx. It is so unique that no one who has watched the entire series can believe nothing else ever came of it.

Can you imagine millions of fans building their own steampunk lusticons or debating on reddit whether the Insect Lives Matter? Sometimes I try to imagine Prince doing political ads or cosplayers walking around like priests with robot heads (imagine all the points we could make doing stuff like that!), and culty groups sprouting up with their own Fire or Water creeds. I mean, Cthulhu was originally fiction, right? What if His Shadow was as culty hot as Cthulhu?

I don't think it was an accident this opportunity was missed. I think it got buried in contracting. Sometimes someone goes a little rogue and colors out of the acceptable brainwashing lines during storytelling and winds up exposing too much to think about.

I might have a lot more to say about this.