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Thanx to Andrey Lake Gladilin for permission to use this Lexx graphic


the mandela conspiracy timeline that happened before and will happen again

This blog has nothing to do with Lexx fandom or film study. No, this blog is borne of a special growing worldwide interest in the weird showing up a little too much in 'real life', whatever we think or believe in this multidimensional layered stack of matrices we live in. Some say take the red pill and wake up out of the matrix, and I'm looking around going which one?

Many film reviewers around the world have noticed the theme behind fictionalized stories popularizing fantasy, scifi, anime, and other plethora of genres in the ever-growing billion and trillion dollar entertainment industry. From Disney onward, the mind-bending advantages of 'showing' anything on a screen is scientifically mind blowing. We watch 'shows' like we eat candy and ice cream. Our 'show' is on, so we drop what we are doing and glue our eyes to a screen, or two, even three and four if you are live tweeting on a phone, looking up trivia on tablet, and constructing social media content sharing (memes) on your laptop or pc. I myself have done this and know first hand that many tens of thousands worldwide participate in 'live' national and even sometimes global watch events.

Eyes on. They have captured our minds, and we build up fascinating dedications to little more than fictionalized stories on screens. When you start thinking about the amount of money being pumped into this huge networking process (nearly all under a single conglomerate umbrella owned by elite of staggering wealth), when you start wondering how many people dedicate their often meager incomes to this lifestyle of utter distraction, when you start noticing how many of these 'shows' seem to be saying the same things over and over and over for years and numb us to the possibilities of something being 'real' because we've seen it so often as fiction, THEN you start realizing how hoodwinked we've all been. After all, horrors belong in horror shows, not in the papers, but is no one asking who thought of using horror as a brain training exercise in the first place? As long as it's not happening too close to our own homes, entertainment is a comfort. Like the allegory of Plato's cave, we sit fascinated by the flickering lights casting shadows on a wall and never realize it's all really been happening in the universe somewhere already, and possibly even recently in our own planetary back yard.

The real question I'm asking now is- Why do they want to keep us in the cave?

And- Who are 'they'?

This blog is about noticing the weird coming out of one particular fictionalized story about the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes.